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Sunday Stealing

--> Learned about this word-association game from Preeti Shenoy's blog   Here are my answers! Hurry! :: Up! It’s getting late. Dumb :: Luck! Does lady luck smile on you or is it dumb luck? Fudge :: Sundae! I love ice creams! Sturdy ::  Rock! Very few people are sturdy as a rock. Printing ::  Press! Gutenberg invented the first printing press. Itch :: Scratch. If you’ve got an itch, you will want to scratch it. Also, the itchy and scratchy show cartoon on TV. Creaks :: Floorboard. I once wrote a story featuring creaky foorboards. Paste :: Glue. In South India, they make a paste out of rice, which they use to stick stamps. Waste of time :: Nothing is a waste of time. You will realise one day as you connect the dots. Let down :: Women are often let down by patriarchy. Cancellation :: Luckily, no flight I’ve been on has been cancelled so far.  Suspect :: Murder weapon. Fireplace :: Hearth. Spring :: She had a spring in her step. Commute :: Goi

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