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All rained out in Chennai
Preparations for my last visit to Chennai literally gave me nightmares. I had booked the Shatabdi for my onward journey. As you know, the Shatabdi leaves at 6 am. Four days before the journey, my intuition warned me that the cab driver who was supposed to pick me up at 4 am would ditch me. I tried getting hold of a reliable cab driver – someone known, but that guy had another drop at that time. So just one day before the journey, I actually booked a bus ticket to Chennai. A bus that left at 9.30 pm, so I would still be able to get autos to the bus terminus at that time. I cancelled my train ticket and for the first time travelled by sleeper bus to Chennai.
Once I reached Chennai and more importantly, home, my vacation began. I was to spend six whole days with my parents – the longest break in Chennai since I’d moved to Bangalore. I was really excited. I read ‘Pandeymonium’ by Piyush Pandey, a copy that I’d recently got autographed by the man himself. I also r…
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To Chennai and Back

My recent trip to Chennai started off by being rather harrowing. The Meru cab driver who came to pick me up at 8.30 pm understood only Kannada, which I could not speak, so after a failed communication attempt on the phone, he decided to abandon me. I panicked and rushed to get an auto. He reluctantly agreed to drop me when I told him my train was going to leave. Actually, I was well ahead of schedule, but which driver would understand the importance and urgency of my request, if the truth wasn’t bent a little. I reached the station by 9.30 pm.
The train left Bangalore station at 10.40 pm, rather late to be out alone. I reached Chennai station at 4.40 am! It was pitch dark outside and the counter for pre-paid taxis was closed. I was heading to my parents’ house and they live 40 kms from the city. I actually took an auto all the way to my parents’ house and the ride was ridiculously long and scary.
I reached the zoo and my dad was there to pick me up and take me the …
Weekend Getaway to Yercaud and Hogennakal I desperately wanted a weekend getaway from Bangalore. But I didn’t have anybody to go with. Most of my friends here in Bangalore are married with kids and pretty busy with their own lives. Too busy to take off on a trip, even if it was just for two days.
I first called Thrillophilia, figuring they could whip up a travel package for me. But when she heard that I would be travelling solo, she became totally unhelpful and said I could go to a resort and stay there but there would be no fun activities. I got really irritated with her attitude and sought some women-only travel groups.
I zeroed in on Ek Chidiya coz it was recommended by a friend and the organizer had a trip planned for the dates I had in mind: August 1st and 2nd.The trip was to Yercaud and Hogenakkal. I was very excited about the trip although I knew no one travelling with me.
I got up early on August 1st and was picked up by the organizer and a co-traveller in an Innova from Mara…
Home vs. PG

Although I spent most of my life in Chennai, I’d taken a special liking to Bangalore ever since I moved here in December 2012. At that time, I lived in Indira Nagar near the Indira Nagar club, truly one of the most ‘happening’ places in the city. Branded showrooms, bars, pubs-- were all a stone’s throw away on 100-feet road and my two years in this neighbourhood were bliss.
I moved back to Chennai in November 2014 and after staying there for 7 months, moved to Bangalore again. My second innings in Bangalore… and so far it’s been great. I live in Marathalli and work in Whitefield. I take a Volvo bus to work every day. I come back by the same bus. Luckily, it stops right outside home and work.
The weather here has been great. This time I’m staying in a PG accommodation. At first, it took me a while to get used to it, but now I’m quite okay with sharing my room with some other girl. We haven’t become the best of friends or anything ‘coz she speaks mainly in Bengali and can ba…
If you are feeling low or down in the dumps, go watch Queen. It’s a feel-good movie that’s meaningful and funny, too.

The story revolves around Kangana Ranaut, a small-town girl who is about to get married. The opening scene is all about preparations for the wedding. The bride-to-be has stars in her eyes and is a bit nervous about the impending nuptials.

When she gets a call from her fiancé asking to meet her before the wedding, she is totally unprepared for what he has to say. He wants to call off the wedding, saying they have grown apart since the time he was abroad.

Devastated, Kangana goes home and locks herself up in her room. But something in her makes her want to go on her honeymoon....alone!

So, the girl who is escorted even to the cafe by her over-protective brother now sets off to Paris alone. The adventures that follow are what make this movie a joy to watch. Initially, she is faced with a culture shock when she sees a woman, Lisa Haydon,  smoking and swearing. But t…

We sit in the dark 
You and I 
For the sound of hope 
Of a future 
That may lie 
Only in both our hands 
And yet 
Is prey to the ravages of fate 
We sit in the dark, 
You and I 
If we will laugh once more 
That shared smile 
Of understanding and togetherness 
Of dreams we spun 
Out of the silver cobwebs of our minds 
Of lives entwined 
By a single purpose 
One that seems to have been set adrift 
In a sea 
Of uncertainty 
Discarded, abandoned, forsaken 
Only momentarily? Or forever? 
The day we can answer that, 
Is the day black clouds will precipitate 
To bring rain 
Rain-that will wash away all the pain 
And make us whole again.
Book Shorts - 1

'Bali and the ocean of milk': The blurb on the cover says the book “re-imagines the eternal conflict between the gods and the asuras in a whacky thriller littered with bad jokes and corpses.” Describes the book to a T. Found it quite a page turner!

‘The Hunger Games’: This is the first book in a trilogy targeted at young adults. When I read the storyline at the back of the book, I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but the book’s popularity prompted me to borrow it from the library. Once I started reading it, I found it unputdownable. Although I really liked this book, I wonder if it’s suitable for young adults since it is about teens who take part in a game, which involves killing everyone else – survival of the fittest – until only one emerges victorious.

‘Love you to death’: Really enjoyed reading this first book in the ‘mediator’ series by Meg Cabot targeted at teens. It’s about a young girl who moves with her mother to sunny California to live with her stepdad an…