Pro Bono Work I did for a Cause #TheWheelchairChallenge

Get on a wheelchair and spend some time - go to work or to the gym, train on a wheelchair or play a game. Or go to a restaurant or cinemas or market place or spend time just in the comforts of your home. Make sure you visit the washroom on a wheelchair.
Don't get off the wheelchair till the challenge is over. It's OK to take help when you hit a barrier (flight of stairs, thresholds, narrow doors) but pause and reflect how it would be if you have to face those barriers for a lifetime.
Pause and reflect on the experience.

Post a video - time lapse is great! 

Each of you is in a position of influence.  Help fix the most difficult barrier you came across. 

Make the world inclusive! Keep it going, share and challenge others. 


Have you EVER spent time
Starting today,
spend your time
Doing what some people
Do all their lives
Get on a wheelchair
And use it to do
What you…

Double Betrayal (A short story in 200 words)

I opened the door and quietly snuck in. I wondered if my husband would smell the betrayal on my clothes, on my hair, on my neck… Guilt wracked my soul and oozed through every pore of my body. I tasted blood where my lover had bitten my lip in a frenzy of passion. We had been driven to the edge from all our talk of our fantasies before.

Why was I doing this? Turning to another man when I had a perfectly nice one at home? Why had I taken a lover who would time and again make me cry and bring me shame? I guess I really didn't love myself after all. I decided to make this the year of ME. The year I would work on the woman in the mirror, without whom there could not be the chance of another relationship.

As these thoughts flooded through my head, I heard my husband stir. I quickly slipped into bed next to him. The man next to me was a stranger who took one look at me and shrieked. I jumped out of bed and demanded to know who he was. He sheepishly said he was my husband’s lover…

Shobhaa De and Vidya Balan on NDTV at 9.30 pm #NDTVDialogues

I watched Shobhaa De and Vidya Balan on NDTV talk about women in film, women in politics, the casting couch, feminism, and a whole range of interesting issues.

Again, I found myself agreeing with Shobhaa De's views. She was candid and bold, while Vidya was more diplomatic.

Vidya explained why she had to be diplomatic, saying that actors had a responsibility of 300-odd film crew members riding on them. People who have been way too outspoken have had trouble with their films coming out peacefully in the past. She also said that she didn't want any political affiliations to overshadow her roles played on screen.

Shobhaa, on the other hand, maintained that she was aware of her numerous weaknesses and felt that politics was not her forte because she couldn't see herself kowtowing to anyone and silencing her voice. She said she has not been pro- or anti- any government, but was just speaking as a citizen.

She said feminism is not about burning bras or confrontational politics. …

'Michael Jackson's Halloween' on Zee Cafe

I just watched 'Michael Jackson's Halloween' on Zee Cafe. Loved it! A great animated film for all creative people, romantics, music lovers, kids, and fans of Micahel Jackson.

The story starts with a young girl, an intern who is being ill-treated by her autocratic boss. She is asked to walk her boss's dog on Halloween night, which she chooses to do, hoping to become another "cog in the wheel". Meanwhile, in another part of town, a young boy aspires to be a DJ, but his dad wants him to inherit and run his store. The dad asks him to make a delivery to none other than (hold your breath) Michael Jackson's residence.

MJ is weaving his magic, sending out his messenger bats to sprinkle stardust on the two, unbeknownst to them.

They run into each other and end up in MJ's mansion only to be greeted by a talking chimp, Bubbles, who tells them 'the music will get you where you need to go'.

The duo reaches a pumpkin patch led by 'Hay Man', only to…

What I learned after writing 100 emails to friends and frenemies.

a. I'm different from most people in society.
b. I have looked at the world through the other person's point of view.( This epiphany struck me after my e-mail exchange with Sanjay Manaktala, stand-up comedian from Bangalore, also known as Senti Sanjay)
c. My own conclusion that I drew from point b. is that the world treats such people badly.
d. I believe that people are essentially good even when they prove me wrong time and time again and then keep quiet about all the rotten things they do, which results in my feeling low.
e. Through this email exercise, I directly emailed the people concerned and told them some of the rotten things they had done and how it had made me feel.
f. As a result, I have fewer friends. Big deal , I always thought I had none.
g. I really don't care about point f
h. Till date, I have only had frenemies.
i. The good people have stayed away from me for God knows what reason.
j. There might be still some people on my facebook who don't wish me w…

Sending out a 100 e- mails. Check your inbox!

A 100 e-mails
It has been a rough couple of days. I've initiated the process of mailing friends and frenemies from the past and present, school life, college and workplace to let them know my thoughts about my interactions with them.
It's a personal one-on-one mail straight from my heart.
Some of them might have been stinkers...that depends of if you've done despicable things to me. I dare say you deserve it, what say?:P
Some of them have been gentle and sweet.
Some of them have been thankful.
Many have been to clear up misunderstandings.
This is something I've been motivated to do on my own because I've been faced with a 20-year long burden of carrying misunderstandings through my life and faced a lot of harassment wherever I've gone. After a point, I decided it was because I was a bad communicator, although a dear friend says I communicate just fine. Another well-wisher says I was just surrounded by assholes. LOL.
Whatever it may be, I look forward to this j…

K is for Kangana; P is for Priyanka

When I first saw Kangana Ranaut in movies like 'Fashion' and 'Life in a Metro', I felt she was a good actress, but that she was getting typecast. And then I missed a lot of her movies in between. 'Queen' resonated with every girl 'coz it represented girl power. 
I'm all for girl power and I do believe it is good to give it back to anyone who has wronged you. I can't say I'm a discreet person or a great communicator in my personal life, but even I draw the line at repeatedly washing your dirty linen in public.
It just becomes distateful and when the people involved are all married men, it's best to keep one's trap shut. If she doesn't care about what people think about her, that's fine, but all this mudslinging has a snowball effect on so many lives. 
Whether she is doing it for revenge or to 'throw light on the truth' or to promote her upcoming films, I personally think it is all going to catch up with her some day and s…